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when January 2017

who Sky Bet

what Art Direction

Sky Bet is the leading online gambling operator in UK for number of clients and it creates a real performance: reproducing football scenes, tennis matches and underwater casinos (at a depth of 8 metres), in a very spectacular way.

To succeed in our challenge, we relied on Guillaume Néry, 4 times world champion of apnea. There is another excellence of underwater shooting at the direction: the French Julie Gautier, who has signed some of the most famous underwater projects of the latest years, like the Beyoncé’s video “Running”.

The idea comes from a reflection on the revolutionary fluidity of the user experience offered by Sky Bet to clients, through the app. We started from there, to tell in an absolutely distinctive and original way, the very sensation that you can feel while surfing and playing on skybet.it


Sky Bet Italia

Chief Creative Officer – Christopher Jones

Direzione Creativa – Mario Esposito
Art Director – Alessandro Bigi
Account Supervisor – Davide Caterina
Chief Strategy Officer – Gaetano De Marco
Strategic Planner – Marco Mammino
Producer – Carla Beltrami

Akita Film
Regia – Julie Gautier
DoP – Jacques Ballard
Executive Producer – Paolo Zaninello
Producer – Claudia Tondini
Post produzione video – EDI
Post produzione audio – The Log

Pitch and Synch


love your work. really neat feature.
Ryan - Smith
dope feature breeeeehhh
Clifford - Wallace
cool feature.
Tyler - Seattle
enorme potenziale. dietro ad un grande potenziale ci sta sempre una mente geniale.
VJ - Milan
eddaje!!! bigi il magnifico (come si autodefinisce)
Silvia - Milan
belli i colori, il font, l'impaginazione dei mockup e le animazioni. gran lavoro!
Fabio - Milano
comunque questo lavoro è bellissimo, anche se avrei cambiato [continua a leggere]
Tania - Milan
lemonade è una figata e il tuo sito è uscito nella stessa settimana. coincidenza? non credo.
Tania - Venice
Vicky - London